tenda Default Login – Username, Password and IP Address

When you are going to use this Tenda router you need to be well aware of the instructions that are helpful in its installation and getting it attached to the wireless networks. If the below-mentioned instructions are carefully performed, there is no reason that the user faces difficulty in putting them to use. Moreover, these instructions would let you know what you need to do while installing and using this router.

Modify the Tenda IP address

Many of us may know that the default IP address of the Tenda routers is “”.it’s always advisable to change the IP address before getting connected to wireless via bridge mode in order to avoid the issues related to IP addresses. This step is further divided into smaller baby steps so that a user comprehends the idea well.

Step 1: Unlock the web browser and enter the IP address of the router. Generally, the default one is entered i.e. into the available address bar and then simply push the “Enter” key to proceed.

Step 2: Now the next step is to enter the username and of course the login password into the login page. A good thing is that by default the settings of a username and the password are kept as “admin “.

Step 3: Now simply first choose “Network” and then the “LAN” option displayed on the left side. Simply alter the IP address from to

Linking the routers with bridge mode

Step 1: Choose the option of “wireless” and then proceed to another option saying “Wireless Setting “, displayed on the left side of the page. Now type the SSID that is provided for the username of the wireless connectivity. Now choose an appropriate channel. Allow the choice naming “Enable Bridge”, and enter the MAC address of the wireless Tenda router that you like to be connected with. Enter the MAC address in the provided box.

Step 2: Put aside and boot up the router.

Step 3: Attach your computer or the laptop to the other wireless router. Follow steps 1 and 2, after booting up both of the routers. The wireless link will be arranged.

Following precautionary measures will ensure secure access over the wireless.

1. It’s essential that the strait and security providence over the routers are alike so that they’re connected together and firmly.

2. The user can enter various SSID in the routers in order to make difference between the wireless networks for the wireless user.

3. If any of the routers are used as the main router in order to get connected to the Internet, and give this access to other users, it’s always advisable to detach the DHCP server available on the secondary or the tertiary router.