– Piso Wifi Admin is used by Piso Wifi as the IP Address for PISO WIFI Admin Login Portal access. It is a coin accepter Wi-Fi machine that provides a user Hotspot service. every person has a mobile in this busiest world but not every place has Wi-Fi. it’s called Wi-Fi vending machine or a Wi-Fi vendo machine.

Login Piso wifi

This machine fills the Wi-Fi needs and coverage. It gives site visitors an instantaneous wifi net hotspot carrier charged through time or visitors’ data. The device is plug & play and clean to install. And the quality component is all funding can be back in three months. This business trend will give passive income. you have to create an income by maximizing your internet plan

How to log in to Piso Wi-Fi?

There are a few steps to logging in to Piso Wi-Fi

  • Enter the URL HTTP:// and search
  • Open the browser chrome, safari, firefox
  • On the page login with fields for username and password will appear on the screen and then
  • To log in, use the default login and password
  • Enter the details and click log in. you will be logged into the router admin panel

Direct Login Piso wifi

How does Piso wifi works?

  • Tap your phone
  • Connect wifi
  • Insert a coin and then use the internet Piso Wifi Default Admin Username And Password

IP Address:

Username: Admin

Password: Admin

Benefits of Piso Wi-Fi vendo

  • Connect up to 30 users simultaneously
  • With internet bandwidth management
  • 200 to 300 meters Wi-Fi range (open area)
  • Paperless (no need for password or Wi-Fi codes)
  • Less maintenance and upgradeable
  • Coins sales & inventory mgmt. system
  • Plug & play (no more config)
  • Active user monitoring
  • Net speed control
  • Auto management system

Also, read: 192.168.l0.1

Disadvantages of Piso Wi-Fi

The public Wi-Fi network has various types of security risks. A bunch of users utilize the network simultaneously from the same location as a result, your device firewall is not Up to par at the time of your access, and you run the risk of data transferring (your passwords, pins, and other information) and also Many users are connected to the public Wi-Fi at the same time as the result is low network speed

How to Piso wifi pause?

You will be able to manage your internet by entering the portal code you will be able to choose whether or not to allow connections, how much bandwidth you want to use, and how much money you want to invest but you are probably wondering how you can halt the time on Piso Wi-Fi or LPB Piso Wifi

How to enable pause time in the Piso Wi-Fi system?

Launch your browser enter the URL and search the screen login page will open enter the details and log in You will reach the router admin panel, go to the dashboard and click the left side three buttons and swipe down, and click portal then you’ll see the Wi-Fi option click that option and enable the pause time and click confirm to save the settings and exit.

Important main Feature

  •   All in one instant Wi-Fi and also thermal ticket printer in it and Wireless 2.4GHz with high-speed net

Support Feature

  • Support features Transparent HTTP proxy, layer 2 isolation management get right of entry to manage SSL login web page and diverse WAN connections.
  • Extend your Wi-Fi connection with the micro USB to ethernet connector design to support 4 more LAN devices
  • Use the micro USB to Ethernet connecting outdoor type access point internet system or IP switch 00 connect many access points.

How to change Piso wifi pause time and rate

  1. Open your browser and log in to the router admin.
  2. If you don’t know please read this full blog, and then click left-side top corner 3 buttons and go to the sales option
  3. And there is an option to give time and rate, and on that page, you’ll see the rate values. and there are three titles given that is the amount, time rates(mins), and action. Click the edit button and change whatever time you want.

Types of Piso Wi-Fi & its features

  1. ADO Piso Wi-Fi
  2. LPB Piso Wi-Fi

ADO Piso Wi-Fi

  • Stable software to use
  • Paperless
  • Bandwidth limiter
  • Pioneer on Piso Wi-Fi
  • Remote online management
  • Easy assemble basic electronics
  • Anti-lag usages

LPB Piso Wi-Fi

  • Radius server
  • Accumulative rates
  • Centralized server or multi-vendor
  • Non Server portal
  • Fully customizable portal


  • Customizable rates
  • With charging station
  • WI pass tickets
  • Charging station
  • Sales report
  • Users management
  • Carousel banner