Netgear router setup and reset option

Netgear router setup

The routers from Netgear Router are the most popular ones for their quality and affordability. These routers are very easy to configure. The interface is user-friendly. It can be very helpful to know your Netgear router reset options. It can be of great convenience in some situations. Resetting the router can be the only and ideal solution in some situations.

It is neither recommended by any of the companies nor preferred by anyone to use the default username and passwords of any router. In most routers, the default usernames and passwords are the same. So it is very important to change these default logins in order to keep your router safe from the threats of any change made by some intruder. To maximize security strong passwords are always recommended. Sometimes it can be hard to remember these strong passwords and there is a great chance of forgetting them.

Forgetting the username and password Problems

Forgetting the username and password can lead to inconvenience and frustration when it comes to making any changes in the configuration. You cannot have access to its configurations without typing the correct username and password. In this situation resetting the router is all you can do, as it will reset the router to its default settings. In the same way, if you have made some changes to your router which caused it to stop working. And if you are not being able to find the problem that caused it to stop working, the reset option can be an ideal solution.

Netgear reset option

To know how to reset the router to its default values is very important in order to save yourself from the inconveniences and frustrations mentioned above. It is very easy to reset your router without much of a hassle. But make sure that you have all the values you are going to need for the reconfiguration of the router before resetting it. There are two different ways to reset any router to its default values. If you know the username and password of the router, you can log in to its web portal or web-based utility. Open your web browser and type the IP of your router, whether it is the default IP or you have changed it afterward. Give it the username and password when it asks you to do so.

After you are successfully logged in to the utility, go to the management menu and select settings. Then you will have to go to the default settings menu. In this menu choose the restore option, confirm the command and it will be rebooted and done. The second option is the easiest one, just press the reset button. Turn off your router, press and hold the reset button given on the rare panel, you may need a pin to press it. Turn on the router while holding the reset button. You will have to keep it pressed for 10 to 15 seconds. We hope that this Netgear link router reset will be useful to you if ever faced a difficult situation to remember the username and password or any of the configuration problems.