IP Address

Enter into your browser and press enter. Or click this button. Login

How to log in to

If you have a router that uses this admin login as the default IP address, please follow the below simple steps to log in:

  • First of all, you got to check if your connection is made properly. For this, please check whether the power, WAN, LAN, and WLAN lights are switched ON. The power button light should remain steady. The other three lights or diodes should be blinking or flashing continuously.
  • Next, open your preferred web browser, and type in thisĀ IP address in the address bar. Sometimes, even after you would have entered the correct login credentials, there would be some kind of error message that would pop up. So, in that case, you got to check out for some misspellings too.
  • However, if you have genuinely forgotten your login credentials, then you can easily retrieve them. The steps for recovering the login credentials are elaborated in the next section.