D-Link router setup

These days you have the liberty to choose the best router as per your needs from a wide range of routers available in the market. D-Linkrouters are appreciated everywhere by all the users for their smooth and quality performance. D-Link routers are inexpensive and can be easily afforded by everyone. When using a router, to enjoy its consistent use it is important to know the details and settings regarding the router. A user should know the settings of the router whether it is IP address, password, or configuration. Here we will discuss the D-Link router default password.

D-Link router default password

As most of the routers share the same username and password, it is recommended by all the companies to change the username and password of the router before connecting it to the network, in order to protect it from being misused or to keep it safe from any unauthorized person in the network. All the routers are easily configurable; all you have to do is log in to the web-based utility. As default username and password are commonly the same in all routers, it makes it very easy and convenient to get into the router settings and change it. In order to be protected from such problems, the first thing you can do when connecting a newly purchased router to the network is to change its default password. In order to keep your router safe from any unwanted access from unauthorized persons, you should select a strong password.

Using different alphabets with some characters is recommended when it comes to strong passwords. Just having a strong password is not enough; you will also have to remember it as complicated passwords are easy to forget, writing in someplace safe is a good option. To change the default password just log in to the web-based utility of your router using the default username and password, that is “admin”. It’s the same for both username and password. After logging in to the utility, it will show you all the menus on the left side of the window. The next step is to go to the “Management” menu. There you can see a menu named “Access Control”. After selecting it you will have the option of “password”.

Use another option D-Link router default password

In this option, you can select your user name. You will have to give it your current password, the one you used to log in, and then type in the new password of your choice. It will ask you to retype the new password in order to make sure that you have typed the correct password as you wanted to. Then save it, reboot the router and it is done. The procedure is the same in most of the routers but in some models, it can be a little different. The option to change the password can be under the “Maintenance” menu. After choosing the menu you will have to go to the “Administration” option. Rest is the same as mentioned above.

As we have mentioned above the D-Link router default password in most of the routers is “admin”. All the letters are small. It is recommended to change the default password, it should be the first thing you do with the router when connecting it to a network.